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We are a crowdfunding site dedicated to helping extend the reach of the church’s hands in a unique way that adds accountability and trustworthiness to crowdfunding.

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Personalized giving that lets you choose to give to your neighbors in need, as God leads. 100% of your donation goes directly to the provider of the need and is tax deductible. Your donation changes lives!

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Your church can greatly increase the reach of its benevolent fund by becoming a Blessity church partner at no cost! Together we can be the hands of God to those in need in your community.

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COVID-19 Share Challenge – Together We Can Help Those Who Are Hurting

11% Donated/$ 26,580 To Go
Millions of Americans have lost their incomes. Take the COVID-19 Share Challenge and donate during this time to help those in urgent need.
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Kim and Her Children Need Help Getting Back on Their Feet

100% Donated/$ 0 To Go
Help Kim and her children with expenses for housing and getting back on their feet after leaving an abusive situation.
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Help Michele With Her Medical Expenses After Her Most Recent Surgery

33% Donated/$ 2,655 To Go
Michele, a single mother who severely injured her back, needs help with her medical expenses following her recent surgery.
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Giving Changes Lives

“(Blessity) multiplied our resources to help someone in need in a major way.  As a pastor on staff I am so proud to have a service like this and am grateful for their partnership.”

-Pastor Bob, Journey Church, Kenosha, WI

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other.

I Thessalonians 3:12

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