Alan Needs Help With His Medical Expenses Not Covered By Insurance

Donation Goal For This Project is $ 3,500
9% Donated/$ 3,165 To Go
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Alan has been a faithful member of New Hope Church in Harrisburg, PA for many years. He has used his talents in acting and music to help with church ministries and he also serves on the church hospitality team and arranges for the refreshments and coffee to be served every Sunday. Alan has been such a blessing to the church. However, due to a worsening health issue, Alan may have to cut back his involvement in the church.

Alan has been dealing with the chronic sinus condition since he was in his teens and as he’s aged, it’s gotten worse. He consulted with a specialist who could correct the situation with surgery, but he recently learned that the Medicare insurance he has would not cover $3,500 of the cost. Alan has no immediate family and so he has no way to cover these costs.

New Hope Church is asking for your prayers for Alan and also for any support you can provide to help raise the $3,500 to cover these costs for Alan.

100% of every donation will go directly to covering his medical expenses.