Family struggling after Mark’s debilitating stroke

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In the summer of 2016 Mark suffered a debilitating stroke leaving him partially paralyzed.  He endured multiple surgeries and has been living with assisted nursing care ever since.  His family of four has had to survive on a reduced income now that Mark is no longer able to work, and they have to pay $900 toward his care each month.  Mark is living 30 miles from their home, so gas expenses have greatly increased while they try to be with Mark as much as possible.

Since this time, his wife, Kathy, suffered a stress fracture requiring surgery and a mass in her lung which had to be removed.  She had used up all of her vacation and sick days caring for Mark, so these setbacks  have caused her to take many unpaid days off from her job.

Kathy and Mark are so thankful for the support of their friends and church family, yet at this time, they are especially burdened with extra expenses including bills that have piled up while Kathy wasn’t working, a large car repair, and the need of a new refrigerator.

Please help us lighten the multiple burdens this sweet family has had to bear by coming alongside them in meeting some of their financial needs.  We would love to shower them with love to cover their overdue bills, car repair and a new refrigerator.