Help Michele While She’s Recovering From Surgery

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Michele, an oncology nurse, fell while catching one of her cancer patients at work. Michele sustained a severe back injury which has kept her out of work for many months. Michele will be having her third back surgery since April 2018 this coming month. She will be having two different parts of her spine fused including her sacroiliac joint. Her recovery period is expected to be 3-4 months until the backbones fuse together which will keep her out of work. Michele will be unable to bend, lift, twist, and not able to drive for several months.

Although this is a work injury, workers compensation has refused further payment for the third surgery and time off for healing. Michele’s employer’s disability company denies payment as well, leaving her with zero income to support herself and her daughter Avery. Michele needs financial assistance to help keep up with the mortgage and utilities while she focuses on getting better.

Michele and her daughter are very involved in serving during weekend services at their church. We hope they will be blessed in return by the generosity of the greater church family.

Need submitted by a Kenosha, Wisconsin Blessity partner church.