Help Michele With Her Medical Expenses After Her Most Recent Surgery

Donation Goal For This Project is $ 4,000
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Update: Michele, a single mother, sustained a devastating back injury in 2018 and has undergone numerous surgeries to help correct the problem and address the pain she has been in. Unfortunately, she continues to have issues with back pain and the pain has spread to her left leg and foot.

On December 10th, 2019, Michele had another back surgery.  She had a spinal cord stimulator inserted into her spine. This stimulator will be programmed to hopefully give Michele the needed pain relief in her back, leg and foot and give her a better quality of  life. The full recovery process can be 6 months or more. Thankfully, this is most likely the final surgery she will need to take away the majority of her pain. Praise God!

Michele’s church continues to pray for her and her daughter during this time, but wanted to bless her financially following this most recent surgery by raising much needed funds to help her cover the out-of-pocket medical expenses and rent.

100% of every donation will go directly to covering these costs for Michele.

Thank you for your support on her journey to full recovery.