Kim and Her Children Need Help Getting Back on Their Feet

Donation Goal For This Project is $ 3,400
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Kim, a single mother with three children, recently became homeless due to the need to leave an abusive situation. She had been living out of her car until that was repossessed. Her extended family lives out of state and is unable to help her.  Fortunately, she was just able to start a new job and has hope things are going to turn around for her family.

Since she just started a new job, Kim needs help with her first month’s rent and security deposit and for transportation to her place of employment.  She also has some belongings in storage and needs to pay to retrieve them.

After learning of this campaign, she responded, “Thank you so much again! I feel like God has answered my prayers by working through you. My kids are so happy, You have changed our lives for the better. THANK YOU.”

100% of every donation will go directly to help with Kim’s needs at this crucial time.