The Coffey Family Needs Help After Multiple Hardships

Donation Goal For This Project is $ 8,000
46% Donated/$ 4,275 To Go
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Patrick and Nicole Coffey live with three of their grandchildren, Nevaeh, Ameere and Ka’maurii; whom they have custody of and have been raising since infancy. In early spring, Patrick lost his job due to the pandemic, and then his health took a turn for the worse. After weeks of being sick, a chest x-ray discovered a nodule in his lung. Despite never being a smoker, it turned out to the lung cancer that required treatment and removal of part of his lung. Immediate after, he had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery. Because of the surgeries, Patrick developed several infections that required him to be hospitalized for several months. While he is blessed to still be with us, and the family is now closer than ever, they need help getting back on their feet.

The Coffey’s church, Tabernacle Baptist Church in Milwaukee, WI, a Blessity partner church, is asking for help to ease the financial burden Patrick’s unexpected health issues have created for this family, especially during this holiday season.

As always, 100% of every donated dollar will go directly to paying this family’s rent, utilities, medical and living expenses.

Thank you and God bless.