Church FAQ’s

Does it cost anything to become a church partner?

No. There is no cost associated with becoming a church partner. 

Does it cost anything to submit needs?

No. Submitting needs is entirely free! We do ask churches to donate a small percentage of the funds raised to help cover Blessity’s operating expenses. The suggested donation is 5% – 10% of raised funds.

What is the church’s responsibility regarding submitted needs?

The church will verify that the need is legitimate and submit the need on the Blessity website. 

How long does it take for a submitted need to be posted?

Each need will be reviewed and prayed for before posting, usually within 24-48 hours.

How long does a posted need stay on the website?

Needs remain on the site until the goal is reached or a standard maximum of 90 days.  Exceptions can be made for special circumstances by request.

What is the church’s responsibility as a Blessity partner?

Each partner church is responsible for meeting with the person requesting funds and gathering the information needed to submit the need on the Blessity website.  We encourage churches to inform their congregations of their partnership with This can be done in a bulletin, a verbal announcement or on their website. 

How does a church become a partner?

An authorized representative from the church may sign up on our home page. Needs may be submitted upon approval (usually within 2-3 business days).

What information does the church need to submit a need?

You will need the name and contact information for the recipient, along with the service provider’s contact information (utility, hospital, mechanic, landlord). You will also need to give a brief explanation of the recipient’s situation that has led them to having this need. A photo of the recipient is highly recommended.